favorite bands – pt 1 | mutemath (the best band you may have never heard)

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learning about mutemath has been a relatively new experience. although i remember their first cd coming out a while back and the single “typical”, it wasn’t until hearing that they would be at the 9:30 club in DC (awesome venue) that i started paying more attention.

while driving through boston on a business trip about four years ago i heard a dj saying how he’d been to see some band the prior night, and that mutemath was the opening act. he also said that they blew the headliner away, and were one of the best bands he’d ever seen live. this was all the more interesting because i was aware of the fact that mutemath considered themselves to be “christians in a band”.

never forgot that comment.

so, got the new release “odd soul” as a freebie after ordering tickets for my older son and i. saw them on march 10, 2012. it was absolutely amazing. as far as musicianship combined with showmanship, they were probably the best band i have ever seen. think of four guys who are all better musicians than muse, but with that kind of stage energy. and the holy spirit.

run, don’t walk, to see them if you get the chance. and “odd soul” is an excellent album and well worth LEGALLY downloading.

interesting note… they actually learned all the parts for “typical” in reverse to shoot the video, which is awesome in it’s own right. they said the drummer (who is seriously up there with like phil selway from radiohead and stewart copeland) had the hardest time since all the drum hits had to be in opposing beats.

the song “quarantine” off of “odd soul” has the coolest riff i’ve heard in any song in probably a decade.

thanks to chris owyoung from onelouderphoto.com for letting me use his great photo.



“plan b” live

“quarantine” live, including drummer freakout

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